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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Most Amazing Skyscrapper In The World - TERBAEK

La Burj Khalifa Tower avec une hauteur maximale de 828 m se trouvant à Dubai
The Burj Khalifa tower with a maximum height of 828 m located in Dubai
D'une hauteur de 508 m, la Taipei 101 tower à Taiwan est le second gratte-ciel le plus haut du monde
At a height of 508 m, the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan is the second skyscraper world's tallest
En 3ème position avec 492m de hauteur, le Shanghai World Financial Centre en Chine
In 3rd position with a height of 492m, the Shanghai World Financial Center in China
Viennent ensuite les Petronas Towers en Malaisie à 452 m chacune.
Then there are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to 452 m each.
En 5ème position à Chicago (Etats-Unis) la Willis Tower comptant 442 m de hauteur de toit et atteignant meme 527,3 m grâce à ses antennes.
In 5th position in Chicago (USA) Tower of Willis has 442 m height roof and even reaching 527.3 m with its antennae.
En position 6 la Jin Mao Tower à Shangai en Chine avec un total de 420.5 m comprenant l'antenne.
In position 6 the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai in China with a total of 420.5 m with the antenna.
Le Two International Finance Center ou IFC à Hong Kong totalise 415,8 m.
The Two International Finance Center, or IFC in Hong Kong totaled 415.8 m.
A la 8ème place avec ses 356.9 m et atteignant meme 423.4 m avec son antenne Le Trump International Hotel and Tower à Chicago.
At the 8th place with 356.9 m and 423.4 m reaching even with its antenna The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.
Le Citic Plaza culmine à 321.9 m et 391.1 m grâce à son antenne se situant à Guangzhou (Canton), en Chine.
The Citic Plaza rises to 321.9 m and 391.1 m with its antenna located in Guangzhou (Canton), China.
A la 10 ème place, Le Shun Hing Square situé à Shenzhen, en Chine avec 384 m antenne comprise.
At the 10 th place, the Shun Hing Square located in Shenzhen, China with 384 m including antenna.
All other rides after this classification also reached impressive heights, this is the case for example of the very iconic Empire State Building here made famous by many movies including King Kong, Spiderman etc …:
à la 11 ème place tout de meme avec 381 m sans antenne et 488,7 m en comptant celle-ci! (Empire State Building à New York)
at the 11 th place all the same with 381 m without antenna and 488.7 m including this one! (Empire State Building in New York)
An indication, the 100th tallest building in the world The IDS Center in Minneapolis reached 241.4 m and 270.1 m including antenna!
Effeil Tower in Paris, which is not a skyscraper reaches a total antenna height of 324 meters.
How long will own Burj Khalifa Does the world record? Several skyscrapers are already underway in the world with pharaonic scale projects such as the Shanghai Center in the town of that name in China and flirt around 632 meters. Or the Freedom Tower in New York at the same place or stood the infamous World Trade Center. Freedom Tower to reach 541.3 million through its antenna (the two ancient towers at the World Trade Center amounted to 526.3 m (north tower antenna) and 110 floors each).
Les twins Towers du World Trade Center dans le quartier d'affaire de Manhattan à New York.
The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the business district of Manhattan in New York.


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